Feb 3, 2020

Corsica & Sardinia 7 Day Yacht Charter


he delights of France & Italy are on offer in this enticing Mediterranean island pairing.

Why choose one stunning Med country when you can frolic in two? The sister islands of French Corsica and Italian Sardinia make for a best of both worlds itinerary to explore on your superyacht.

Sardinia is a magnet for the superyacht set and sailors alike. At the northeast tip of the island you’ll find the famous Costa Smeralda. Created by the Aga Khan nearly 60 years ago, it’s a mix of colorful fishing villages, beautiful villas, high-class boutiques and fabulous, exclusive restaurants and bars, with Yacht Club Costa Smeraldaat its heart.

Food lovers wax lyrical about the seafood on Sardinia, claiming that the island’s lobster is the finest in the world. From the capital city of Cagliariin the south, to old coastal towns such as Alghero in the north, there is much to be discovered – the island’s stone tepee-like structures, the “nuraghe,”are among the oldest constructions known to man.

North of Sardinia is the French island of Corsica, though it’s much closer to mainland Italy and as such has a unique culture and style. The island is marked by granite mountains, while the southern end has a multitude of little islands and coves. The boulder-filled Maddalena archipelago is one of the best cruising grounds in the Med.

Corsica and Sardinia both offer excellent sailing, diving and diversion son shore in historic villages – they are the perfect pair for a charter holiday.