Mar 14, 2020

5 Days Private Mystery Mountain Lodge

You can book the entire facility and have a whole mountain range all to yourselves...

Mystery Mountain Lodge at Sand Creek Ranch is the closest location to the biggest peaks in British Columbia, and therefore some of the longest vertical descents in Canada! The alpine terrain is intense and the expansiveness has to be skied to be believed...and even then you are pinching yourself to see if it is real! Another unique aspect is that it is the most heavily glaciated terrain for that latitude. Our alpine terrain is the best in Canada, and the ski zones for Pantheon and Mystery Mountain have some great back-up tree skiing.


It's deep in the mountains! Guests fly in by helicopter, but it's private driveway is over 20km and the nearest traffic light is +250km away!

What is Included in this Adventure

Heli-skiing or boarding on your arrival and departure days to maximize your vertical

  • A private heli just for you & your friends
  • Possibility of heli-skiing on Arrival and Departure Days to maximize your time on-snow
  • The helicopter picks up and drops off in front of your chalet at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge, Mystery Mountain Lodge and Pantheon Heli Ranch (and just a 5-minute shuttle at Eagle Lodge)
  • 6 Hours of Flying
  • The program is based on fly time which you decide how to use. The hours are cumulative!
  • Explore the furthest reaches of our 2.64 million acres. How about laying tracks in a valley that has never been named, let alone skied? Bag first descents!

Mystery Mountain Lodge at Sand Creek Ranch

Mystery Mountain Lodge has a capacity of 5 people making it the perfect location for a small group of buddies or a family looking for a special experience. The 5 Night Private package is 6 possible ski days (2 half-days & 4 full days); includes 5 hours of helicopter time, all food, lodging, plane transfer from Vancouver to Bella Coola, guides, safety equipment, demo powder skis, and poles. Since the program is based on flying time rather than a set amount of vertical, you and your group can decide how to use that time. Whether your goal is to explore new terrain, ski as many runs as possible, or look for the best snow, the choice is yours. You could even decide to fly to a hot spring overlooking the Pacific Ocean, eat lunch on the beach and go for a soak in the hot springs before spending the rest of the afternoon heliskiing! You can fly far and wide: from the high peaks surrounding the lodge to the ice caps in the south, and on to the fjords in the west, or you can even decide to sleep in and enjoy a late start. The helicopter we use (Bell Koala) has space for up to five people and two guides in 1 group at Mystery Mountain Lodge.